about-image TERRACE OAKS ANTIQUES offers many options and services to its customers throughout its dual level shopping areas. TERRACE OAKS ANTIQUES strives to maintain its standard that calls for items to be from the 1960’s or earlier. Naturally, some items of special interest, quality or rarity may be of a more recent vintage. Our dealers’ eclectic mix includes … • Rare and 1st edition books • Jewelry (both estate and costume) • Sterling silver & silver plate • Furniture (European and American) • Porcelain & pottery • Artifacts from America’s wars • Vintage clothes, hats, handbags & accessories • Glassware & crystal • Light fixtures & chandeliers • Sports memorabilia • Postcards • Tools • Antique medical instruments & related books, etc. …. and so much more! TERRACE OAKS ANTIQUES offers its customers … • INTEREST FREE SIXTY (60) DAY LAYAWAYS • 24 HR. APPROVAL SALES—Customers may try items at home without charge if returned the next business day (credit card imprint required) • SEMIANNUAL SILVERSMITH CLINICS—Since 1947, OEXNING SILVERSMITHS has offered professional repairs to your silver, silver plate, copper and brass treasures. • VINTAGE AND ANTIQUE CLOCK REPAIR—In its fourth generation of family clock repair, THE CLOCKSMITH also offers unique vintage and antique clocks for sale. Ever watched episodes of Army Wives, The Notebook, Reckless (filming in 2013/14) or The Patriot? Maybe you’ve perused Charleston’s leading lifestyle magazines? Then you’ve seen many unique items from Terrace Oaks on their sets and layouts. TERRACE OAKS ANTIQUES offers both SALES AND RENTALS to production companies and professional photographers as well! And, not surprisingly, many of Charleston’s leading INTERIOR DESIGN PROFESSIONALS can be seen searching TERRACE OAKS ANTIQUES for that special something for their very special clients.